So here we are: twelve women and two men, wildly various, signed up to spend the weekend “in search of a feminist theological poetics”. I am watching the tutor with a fascinated eye as she undertakes this project. And I have brought my knitting in case I really want to stir things up a bit.

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  1. Ah, yes. Knitting. I was the only medical student in our year that could do shorthand so I had plenty of time to knit while the rest were scribbling or nursing hangovers. Some of the tutors sometimes dropped in with their needles and wool, so the back rows became something of a knitting circle. and it seems it annoyed a few lecturers. So they told us that it was a passive form of … well,…pleasuring ourselves. That stopped the guys. Not me.

    • It’s funny how men don’t like women to knit – suspect they feel it takes away from the perfect submissive attention they are entitled to expect 🙂 I don’t think the interpretation would stop me either – a) clearly trying to get a bite from you, and b) if that’s what they think let’s embarrass them even more.

        • I can do stocking stitch and still listen/talk, but wouldn’t back myself to hear a word if I was counting a lace pattern. But of course the chaps generally don’t know that, so one has the pleasure of provocation when required.

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