Literary exercise


We have been getting our heads in order for our writing course next weekend.  Full of lunch, we walked a lane, soggett with the downpours of the last few days.

We liked the wayside egg sale, especially the carefully engineered drainpipe to funnel cash through the hedge into the owner’s garden.

a drainpipeLegging it briskly below the drippy trees, we paused at convenient points to swap items from our repertoires, slightly to the surprise of other walkers (we did have to censor one when a few sticky-beaks came by.)  Friend was amused that I had a contents list of recent items; sadly, that is entirely in character.  Our pieces are now mâchéd from the mizzle.

a listHome through the returning rain, to ferment a lot of yeast and settle in for some spinning.

a lot of yeastAnd writing, obviously.

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  1. Not sure if it’s in character for :
    friend to be amused,
    or you to make a list,
    or both …
    I’m glad to have seen the titles !!!

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