Met up at our rendezvous and looked over M33: not a Messier number this time, but a Monitor from the Gallipoli campaign, just reaching her century.  (Click a thumbnail for the gallery)


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    • Portsmouth dockyard, tucked down by Victory in a spare dry dock the Navy happened to have handy. She’s been there a long time, but only recently been made accessible for visitors.

  1. Long story cut short. We have a collection of old railway posters (“Visit Wonderful Windermere”, that sort of thing) among which is a poster entitled “The Coronation Scot Ascending Shap Fell”. It was painted by Norman Wilkinson, the man credited with inventing dazzle-effect naval camouflage during the First World War. Been meaning to write something about it for ages. Just thought I’d mention it. Over and out.

    • Ah- thank you – didn’t know that was him. I had seen quite a few of his railway posters off and on, but hadn’t realised how many ships and planes and other wartime subjects he painted – and maybe there is the connection with thinking of the dazzle camouflage, when you look at his style.

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