Sun day


Standard warning:  never look directly at the sun, especially not through any optical equipment, e.g. binoculars or telescope – permanent blindness is the likely result.  The photographs were taken through a specialist solar filter.

Another whopping sunspot group is rotating across the earth-facing portion of the sun.

Full disc:  AR2443 stealing the attention, but two groups of much smaller spots are visible in the full sized image.  South at the top.

sun full disc 1st Nov

Higher magnification of AR2443:

sun detail 1st NovTrying for a higher-power view is subject to the law of diminishing returns.  It’s physically difficult to secure shorter eyepieces in the adaptor, and the focusing is more touchy.  It is also more fiddly to get the segment of interest into the sweet spot of both the eyepiece and the camera. I still can’t get a sharp enough image to record all the detail visible to the eye.

Working on it … but, given my primitive equipment, I am pleased with these.

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