Germs, disease, infection


The runner beans planted at the end of July have continued to crop; well for me that we have had, so far, a mild and equable autumn.  And the carrot row is still yielding too ( the guinea pigs adore carrot tops, so there’s more than one pleased about that).  Even the yellow carrots, sown later and in a less advantageous position, are beginning to fill up their roots.

1 odd man out

The late sown peas, however, have succumbed to all sorts of fungus and mildew.  The plants look loathsome and the pods (for they have podded) look worse.  Top candidates for a bonfire!

2 germs, disease, infection

However:  ‘Just have a look’ says I to myself.  After all, there’s a reason for that tough cellulose membrane inside.  And there they were, sealed from the world and the wogglers:

3 sealed

Not a grub in them.  And though some of them had become cannonballs* while I was being squeamish, they still tasted pretty good.

*The use of this expression is, of course, a testimony to the power of advertising, except that I never buy that brand because I am too tight-fisted.

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