Last night: a little sky window two hours long, just enough for a photography autodidact.  This time I lugged the 10″ scope out, and went through the whole attach camera to gadget to eyepiece to scope thing all over again, strapping a variety of comestibles to the rear end of the tube to balance the extra gubbins at the front.


… demerara sugar and rice …

The combination of 35mm and Barlow which worked on the 5″ wouldn’t come to a focus at all, but the 35mm on its own and subsequently a 25mm both worked.  I haven’t sussed out how to get a higher magnification yet, and this image (upside down as taken through a reflector) is nothing compared with the breathtaking eyeball view through my best 7mm eyepiece.  But this will do to go on with.

(Click for full size image)

(Click for image and + for full size)


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    • Thank you – must admit I was really pleased with the craters on the terminator. Not bothering tonight as sky very iffy, but yes, I’m hoping for another glimpse of the planets tomorrow. I managed to pick Mercury up in binoculars one morning last week, down in the dawn, rare to do 4 planets in one go.

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