Get ready for the sky show


You have to get up early to pay your respects.  It’s a bit nippy of an October dawn in your dressing-gown and slippers, but luckily the converging deities won’t mind.  Probably.

three deities and a consul

From top:  Regulus, Venus, Mars, Jupiter.  You’ll need to look at the full-size image to see Regulus and Mars.

By the time I had located the camera (batteries low of course), the tripod, and the connector, and hunted about in menus for long exposures and self-timer, the night was already rolling away.  The conjunction will keep getting closer for some days; surely every single morning won’t be cloudy?

Mem for next time:  get set up earlier and don’t bother finding the leggings.  Just freeze.  Possibly look for a location for the tripod not blighted by overhead wires.  Also mem:  for novelty value, try getting the camera horizontal.


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