For goodness’ sake


Somebody make it stop. The writing weekend will be in November and meantime this is a nuisance.  It is very difficult to weed the carrots while dashing up and down the garden to scribble the latest simile before I lose it.

Not only that, I’m beginning to feel like the man who tries to get as many words into the last line of the limerick as he possibly ever can.


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  1. Many artists make the choice
    dictated by their inner voice …
    but if the muse’s song be heeded,
    carrots must remain unweeded …

    • Dictaparrot: the best idea this week! The number of times I mutter the lines to hear how they go would probably be enough for a retentive bird to learn them. But I do vary the words to try different rhymes; my mind boggles a bit at avian version control systems.

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