Phryne’s frocks


And now the self indulgence of a borrowed boxed set.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries:  the lead characters are quite attractive; the Strine voices fall welcome on the ear, evoking a grateful nostalgia;  the mysteries are occasionally genuinely mysterious when I fail to understand them.  I put my confusion down to the distracting gloriousness of the period costumes.  Essie Davis must have been given hundreds of outfits by a lavish costume department, and the dresses (and hats and coats and undies) are good enough to eat.  They held me spellbound – and I’m not even interested in clothes.  I’m going to have to watch all three series again, possibly with the sound off, so that I can totally embrace the effulgence gifted to the world by Marion Boyce.

Phryne's frocksI’m not the only one to be impressed.  The fan who is lending me the series has christened her new Orpingtons Phryne and Dotty.  The actresses in these name roles might not be entirely flattered, but it has to be said that their namesakes have wonderful plumage and especially gorgeous bottoms.

two booffy bottoms

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