Missing the jelly shoes


The savage wave-cut platform is no place for bare feet, but I wasn’t willing to ruin leather shoes in salt water

platformand was therefore confined to the upper margins of the rock pool zone, with millions of periwinkles, a few crablets the size of peas, and an occasional darting of shrimp.

poolI have always been fond of beadlet anemones, unable to resist giving them a finger to suck

beadletbut this snakelocks anemone, six or seven centimetres long, was the star of the day.


5 responses »

  1. I must go to the sea again
    Snakelocks cove and the rocks
    Crablets the size of a pea again
    This time I’ll take my Crocs !

  2. … the nether edge of a deeper pool,
    spinning beyond my scope ;
    a blanket against the chilly breeze :
    where there’s warmth, there’s hope !

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