Beach cleaning


… has been done in the most compendious manner possible:  two days of spring gales have scoured the beach to the bone.

White water fills the bay and every wave is a seventh wave.  Salt thickened the atmosphere and settled on our lips and hair.

1 white water

Sand, shingle and every vestige of life has been scrubbed away as the spring tide rushes up over the storm beach to the very foot of the cliff

2 scoured

leaving only the naked platform of red and grey and purple clays.

3 naked

Driven from the beach by the incoming water, we walked the cliff top.  This monumental bite from the coast enlarges on every visit.

4 latest


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  1. Lovely pics, especially the fretted foam on the sand, inspiration for a glaze effect. Neat acknowledgement of ED on this day; for all the controversy surrounding her, we owe her and the others.

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