In pursuit of the isopuffs


You have to pick your moment, and we picked this one well.  (Click a thumbnail for the gallery)

Thanks to my co-walker for the extra photographs.


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  1. Almost certainly, but not for many years, and the landslip must be recent. The plane must be one of the old ones that frequently gyre and gimble above us. We stay indoors in case bits drop off.

    • 🙂 The Spitfire was too far away to worry about it shedding debris.
      I thought you probably would have been to at least some of these locations. The landslip on my favourite beach is ongoing but has been in a very active phase over the last few years. But everywhere you go you can see we are crumbling – like being on a sandcastle with the tide coming in. I think it will last my time – probably.

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