Mixed menu


On Monday, time to cement the wol.  Beginner mistake:  I thought the board was square.  It isn’t.  On the butter side down principle, I put it onto the tiles the wrong way.  Of course you can’t lift it up again once it is on, and I had to do some hasty tessellating before the adhesive went off. (The offs and ons in those sentences are a bit confusing.)  This is the largest prototype we have done yet – about 18 inches wide. I don’t know why I should be surprised by the sheer weightiness of the result but I wasn’t prepared for it to be such a solid lump of a thing.

1 cemented wol

Tuesday I fetched out the solar filter and 5″ scope and took the sun’s portrait.  I am still sulking at Sol and the universe in general, and strove for an I-can-take-you-or-leave-you manner. I doubt this cut any ice with the cosmos.  This whole disc image has been treated to some false colour (if scientists are allowed to do it, why can’t I).

2 14 Apr 2015 false colour

I tried for detail with a shorter eyepiece, but didn’t happen to get anything special.  This was the best of them, showing huge sunspot complex 2321.

3 14 Apr 2015 white light

Yesterday I sat by the pond and watched a newt laying eggs.  Gratifying!  It seemed rude to photograph her in the act.

In the evening, out came the 10″ scope, which hasn’t had an airing for some time.  I seemed to spend more time collimating than observing, and the air was thick and turbulent, but the GRS was transiting and I had a few glimpses as it crossed the meridian, suddenly appearing pink and distinct, and then almost instantly vanishing into a vaguely distorted stripeyness on a fuzzy disc.

And this afternoon it was time for some textile crafts – in fact, to secure the ends of this handle tightly together so that the handle wouldn’t fall off seventeen times while mowing. I should stuff this mower up somebody’s nose, but can’t raise the energy. At least it worked and the grass is cut for the next five minutes.

4 textile work

First again this year and always, the (anon) climber by the front door is doing its thing.

first again

It made a good tribute to the day.


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