An anguish of extremities … a distress of dactyls … an excruciation of appendages


There was sparkliness to a superlative degree;

1 scintilla

a reminder of the past lent luxury to the present;

2 past

the beaches were only large enough to admit a few very good friends.

3 friendly

Which to choose?  Sunny or sandy? Stony or shady?

4 glass half full

We side-stepped along the narrow umbrageous cavern of the sea wall, where the First Unofficial Paddle of the year took place.

5 cavernous

Emerging on a tiny beach, the damp shoes reposed

6 ouch

while the First Official Paddle was instigated.

7 knees

I crept in up to my knees to listen more closely as the seaweed on the groyne chimed and tinkled secretively.

8 chiming

Some significant textiles lost their integrity in an unscheduled and sudden manner.  Mem: it wasn’t me.  Some of the photos belong to the guilty party.  We directed our rigid digits homeward.

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