Nail your hat to your head


if you want it to stay on today.  I tried three different hats and even the most head-hugging had too much windage.  No-one was taking a boat out

1 not taking a boat out

and there was a good deal of sucking

2 sucking

and swooshing

3 swooshing

and the waves made angry lace.

4 lace

We stood at the foot of the cliff and watched breakers surging round the corner

5 corner

depositing spume.

All this was to distract me as I had experimental pots cooling in the kiln.  There was an experiment in sprigging6 sprig

and I’ve only half a jamjar full of this experiment on the gash pot, not even enough to glaze the rim.  What you can’t see is the velvet softness of the glaze as you stroke it.

7 half a jamjar

Then there was some fooling about with the new rutile combined with other glazes.  Never had one like this before

8 greenand only look at the speckles close to:

9 speckles detail

Then there is a first experiment in porcelain.  I rather liked the ghost leaves, though they need some working on

10 ghost leaves

but with all their beginner faults upon their head, the ghost flowers are my favourite.

11 ghost flowers


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