Clay days


I collected some samples from the landslip on Tuesday.

1 samples

I minced them up into little sippets on Wednesday, looking for stones and damping them down.

They soaked on Thursday.

At the crack of dawn on Friday the tesserae were glazed and jigged into the kiln.  They don’t need too much head space, so to get extra shelves a couple of old biscuit fired dinner plates were called into service.

2 stuffing the kiln

This evening (Friday) the clays got a preliminary wedge.  The dark grey, brown and coral/orange are fine as fine, the blue more grainy.  The purple red is going to be a bit of a pig and if I’d any sense I would not have collected it, but who could resist such a lovely colour? I finished at midnight.

3 somewhere on the road to usability

Tomorrow (well today) will be crack of dawn again – to see how the tesserae got on.

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  1. Initially mis-read “looking for stones” as “looking for stories”. Still makes sense to me, just in a different dimension. That I’m reading ‘The book of lost things’ may have had something to do with it.

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