Squares, rhombi, trapezoids, and on … and on …


Copying the kind of modelling achieved by serious mosaicists is going to require a more subtle colour palette.  I’m trying various oxide additives to a pale clay body to extend the range, but no idea how that will come out.  At the moment they look like undifferentiated mud pies.


It is also going to require a lot LOT more tesserae, and in smaller sizes to refine the images we can achieve.  I made the first few hundred teeny ones.  I think we might need a few thousand for the project we have in mind.

Sigh.  One good thing:  they don’t have to be perfectly made, as it is useful to have a rhombus here or trapezoid there to help one get around the curves and corners.  And triangles of course.

hundreds and thousands

Examples to study.  I think the pieces on the ideas wall will keep me in my place.

ideas wall

Second attempt (not enough tesserae to complete layout).  Highly imitative.


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