The chocolate bar principle


– Though you might find these grey blocks unappetising.  Some are glazed, undergoing a once-firing process;

1 chocolate principle

others will be fired as bisque.  The brown slab looked quite chocolatey, but the yellow one was worse than the grey.

2 hoping not to melt

Interestingly, the yellow beach clay had most shrinkage and seemed most vitrified, shooting itself across the room with explosive CERACKs when I squeezed viciously with the tile cutters.  I was glad of the safety goggles.  The yellow clay also fired very dark, where the brown became quite pink.

3 nippings

Marine motif, anybody?

4 marine

It is lucky I’m not trying to stick this one down.  The image is coarse, partly due to the size of the tesserae and partly because the artist doesn’t have a clue what she is doing.

5 infill


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