A lot of nonsense


Lots of low level activity this weekend.  I finally finished the cables off with a few toggles; not totally successful but maybe it will wear in friendly.

10 toggling

Then there was the challenge:  how fine could I spin?  And having spun, could I make an Andean bracelet which would allow me to ply the single from both ends, without creating an inextricable tangle which would throw away all the hours of spinning? For those with an interest, this bracelet is more than 200 yards and weighs in at half an ounce.

11 plying

Then, of course, the resulting 100+ yards had to be skeined.  In my anxiety about the slenderness of the thread, it was madly overspun and winding itself into snags and twists which I tried to undo all over the carpet.  And then more winding itself into snags when I washed it.

12 skeining

I tried this appalling offering from the charity shop.  The premise was mildly amusing for about twelve seconds, but I was too embroiled with the plying to change to anything else.  It was dear at 99p.

13 horrifying

I dredged out some pots which were left unfinished at the outbreak of the last domestic shambles but three.  I tried something new.  Not sure about this one.  But may fire a couple just to see what they feel like.

14 carving

Visiting someone, I felt sympathy:  “I said he could take the wallpaper off if he wanted”, she told me.

15 sympathising

She helped me wind off the now dry but still recalcitrant ultrafine yarn.  The skein at the top is about a 4-ply and it behaves reasonably sensibly when knitted.  Goodness knows what the ultrafine will try to do.

16 winding

The weather closed down and blew.  I paused to admire the hydrophiles.

17 admiring


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