I found a pattern, and remembered this stitch from rummaging in long-ago drawers full of fading disintegrating household goods.  I knitted it for old times’ sake. yellow back Its powers of insulation are excellent.  Ludicrous hat for stargazing next time, perhaps? yellow front

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  1. Mmmm, that does look warm! (Says the woman who just realized it would be a VERY good idea to knit some fingerless mitts to stave off frostbite over the rest of the winter.)

    And it is kind of a silly looking hat, but if it’s dark enough for stargazing, it’s going to be too dark for anyone to see you. No problem!

    • I’ll keep it for the teapot, might do a larger and more sober version for night-time – and without the apertures, obviously, as it would be a bit draughty to have one’s ears sticking out. I often have cause to be thankful no-one can see me in the dark – layered up with two sets of thermals, nightdress, skirt, dressing gown, long jumper, coat, two hats at the same time …

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