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For those who like epitaphs, this is the full transcription of the ancient wrong:

To the Memory of THOs. SIVELL

who was cruely ∫hot on board his

∫loop by ∫ome officers of the cutoms 

of the Port of Port∫mouth on the

15th of June 1785 at the Age of 64 Years

leaving a di∫consolate Widow & family.

All you that pa∫s pray look and ∫ee

How ∫oon my life was took from me

By tho∫e officers as you hear

They ∫pilld my Blood that was ∫o dear

But GOD is Good, is Ju∫t, and true

And will reward to each their due.

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    • Discussion about whether he was a smuggler or a poor innocent caught up in the action, I believe. I felt they had scrubbed the gravestone a bit ruthlessly, but then again perhaps visitors were doing do-it-yourself scraping which might have damaged it worse.

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