Yesterday was a day for trees.  Trees on the downs to the east

1 downs east

Trees on the downs to the west

2 downs west

Trees on the coast to the right

3 coast rightJPG

and on the coast to the left

4 coast left

and a bit lefter

5 coast lefter

and behind us

6 clifflet behind

and when we went back.

7 return

This one isn’t a tree.

8 not a tree

A clever fellow observer took the Jovian system rolling across the sky.  And in the 10″ scope it was high, wide and handsome.

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  1. We saw Jupiter on Friday night through my 5″ Celestron Nexstar. I had a squint at 217x and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so good. We were blessed with steady air too and my only disappointment was that the Great Red Spot was on the wrong side of the planet!

    • Nice! I missed the GRS too on the night we were out. I gather it is gradually dwindling so want to keep an eye on it! – difficult to imagine Jupiter without it, isn’t it? I feel I was lucky to come into astronomy in time to see Jupiter with only one equatorial belt which made it look totally different to the way it appears now.

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