Things to do when you can’t sleep: xlix


xlix : Get lost 

It’s been a long time since I observed the Moon in its last few days, and with the terminator so far over the few remaining visible craters look different.  I’ve mislaid my clipboard, repurposed the little astro table, (in the frost my hands were too cold to draw anyway), and I didn’t achieve a competent snapshot.  Which left me hunting up and down to identify everything afterwards.

IMG_8172The little crater just in from the terminator is Reiner.  In the photo it’s not prominent at all, but it stood up beautifully in the eyepiece and I could see the distinctive ridge running away from it.  Schickard and Phocylides were very prominent too, though I completely failed to notice the peculiar Wargentin.

After crawling about with a magnifying glass on my paper charts for half an hour, I found Dial-a-Moon – though I felt a certain guilt at using it.  Is it me, or is this just too lazy?  But I love it.


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