Silent night …


Christmas here is not the elegant festival of modern myth.  The bathroom wants cleaning, the Genoa cake isn’t (planning failures), the social atmosphere is a little odd owing to circumstances beyond my control, and tomorrow morning my Christmas skirt will be held up by a safety pin as I haven’t had time to take in the waist.

On the other hand, we have a tree, mulled wine, dinner and company 🙂

We also found a packet of small fireworks which has been hanging about for a few years due to an earlier inefficiency.  As we are good neighbours we carefully picked out those labelled ‘fountain’, as we didn’t want the local children looking for Santa too soon.


This was fine, until the ‘fountain’ which sparkled prettily, then began to emit ear-shredding shrieks.  Telling it to shut up was somewhat ineffective.  Giggling was also NOT helpful (you know who you are).



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