Telling off the screen


is a pointless activity.  However I did quite a lot of it during Mount St Elias, a film about some lunatics who climbed a large mountain for the sole purpose of skiing down its vast, sheer and appalling slopes, and a few other lunatics who helped them do it.

The chaps were pretty annoying; my rebukes rotated between “Oh for goodness’ sake shut up”, “What are you THINKING?” and “UUUURGH!“.  But the the images were extraordinary.  It was a crime to watch it on a laptop; a 60-inch HD screen would be the minimum it deserved.  Should you happen to have such an item to hand, watch the film – but maybe with the sound down.

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  1. That reminds me of when I watched National Geographics Journey To The Edge Of The Universe – in the UK, you had Sean Bean providing the commentary and it didn’t sound half bad. Here in the US, we had Alec Baldwin… and the script was terrible…

    “But wait! What dangers lie ahead? Do we have the courage to leave the safety of our warm, life-giving world and venture into the cold blackness beyond…?”

    I can’t watch it with the sound on. I’ll either watch it in silence or play some Jarre or Vangelis instead…

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