Making rainbows


Yesterday I ambled sedately along the sand, occasionally galvanised by the inrush of the seventh wave:

1 inrush

An epitome of the past:  fragments of fossilized wood, embedded in the dense grey-green matrix, which then eroded out so that a boulder of it was overwhelmed by sand, which was compressed to rock, eroded out again into a lump, displaying the deposition patterns of the sand (windblown? waterborne?), and now on the loose ready to be enfolded in yet another epoch.

2 embedded

Remember you are British:

3 obscurePretty:

4 reticulate A glim of sun crept through and went away again.

5 glim

The landslip lays a rainbow on the beach:

6 rainbow

Plenty of samples for potters.  But I had forgotten the carrier bags.

7 plastic bag

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    • I sort of envy the Californian beaches – but I’ve had so many memorable beach walks in rain, fog, lowering darkness, gales and even blizzards that the envy is less than one might think!

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