Salmemaraton thanks


Thanks are due:  Strikkelysten has led me to the Salmemaraton which is ‘slow TV’ from Norway – never heard of this before, but a wonderful idea in a rushing, chattering age.  I gather Norwegian choirs are patiently singing the whole of a hymnbook.

I don’t understand a word of the hymns, and am thus preserved from literary criticism and aggravating theology, while the range of music is similar-to-but-different-from English hymnody.  At the same time, if I watch the scrolling information bar,  small clumps of Norwegian occasionally pop into meaning, which is a good parlour game for one.

The Salmemaraton is here.  At time of writing they are on hymn 521 of 899.


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    • I joined again yesterday, heard some familiar tunes too – not surprised to see Taize cropping up, but was not expecting good old Isaac Watts to have a turn. I didn’t catch any Wesley hymns but hope that one or two might have been in the 899!

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