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Douce Provence

No harm in hoping, I suppose.


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  1. You didn’t mention rabbits! (The bane of my gardening – they’re convinced I plant special rabbit buffets for their pleasure.)

    May your peas be productive and delicious, and may you get to them first.

    • Thank you – and sympathies on the rabbits. Strangely enough, given that it is a rural area, I don’t usually have rabbit problems in this garden, though they invaded regularly in my previous place.

      • I came across a news story recently claiming that the largest concentration and diversity of small wild animals seems to be in suburbs, not in rural areas. If that’s true, it might explain your rabbitlessness.

        (The suburbs I live in probably have more squirrels and mallard ducks and Canada geese than people, and some years more rabbits than people too. Pheasants and wild turkeys are less common, but I’ve seen them around, within two blocks of my house.)

        • I certainly think that is true of foxes over here (and even in town centres) and probably grey squirrels too. The last surviving red squirrels are shyer. Rabbits don’t seem to do so well in the suburbs but judging by the numbers squashed on the road they are doing fine in the country!

  2. I’ve never had much luck with overwintering except with certain varieties of lettuce – which are a very hardy plant despite their wimpish appearance. Some of my fellow allotment holders grow broad beans over winter, and a Japanese variety of onion, and both appear to grow quite well. So there is hope . . .

    • I don’t have a lot of faith in the peas – I think grubs/slugs have had about half the seedlings already. I can’t grow lettuce outside at any time of year – they get taken off as if a slimy lawnmower had gone over them – so I just grow loose leaf lettuce in pots. Which reminds me I should plant a few seeds.

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