Painful extractions


I feel sad as one does at a missed opportunity.


I watched the film with hope, and it did indeed look very pretty.  The plot was ravaged, but one becomes accustomed to that.  The real problem is that the guilty parties don’t seem to know what the novel is about.   There are too many extractions.  Items removed entirely, or a pathetic mangled stub left behind:  anger; politics; social context; irony; feminism; religion; sex; jokes; symbolism; mysticism; morality; violence; half the significant characters …

The relations between Rochester and Jane Eyre lose their depth and significance without a context.  If it’s just about personal fulfilment it no longer matters whether they marry or Jane becomes Rochester’s mistress or takes up with St John Rivers. What difference would it make five minutes later?

And then there is the language, reduced to mush. Rochester sounds mildly grumpy, Jane deplorably meek.  WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??

I could go on, but I’m trying not to.

Toothless and bloodless; I’m going back to the novel to take the taste away.

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