The ten-colander challenge – 8, 9 and 10


And cantering down the home straight:

Colander 8:  The pouring colander, which can tip its contents into a saucepan or bowl without dribbling sideways over the edges of the receiving vessel.

colander 8

Colander 9:  The scoopy-outy colander, for removing small items from large volumes of water, for example a bucketful of crab apples being washed, or skimming floating stuff from the surface of large volumes of water (don’t ask).

colander 9

Colander 10:  The funnel colander, for straining fluid into narrow-necked vessels – for infusions, perhaps.  Or beef tea.

colander 10

So – now I’ve just some waiting time while they dry thoroughly, then into the kiln.  Then the glazing. And glazing colanders is a real challenge.

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    • Thank you! 🙂 I’ll probably use the pouring colander (No. 9) quite a lot and also the one-handed colander (3). I already have a version of No. 4 (ladylike colander) – One I Made Earlier – and I use it all the time. Not sure about the others – we’ll see!

  1. You are a genius Mrs Potter, and I can see where you’re coming from on all these excellent items. But I think you need to design a colander rack with descriptive labels, loosely based on those racks certain types of men have in their garages for hanging metric, imperial, AF and BA spanners so you can immediately lay your hands on the perfect tool for the task.
    Yours, Alen

    • Thank you, (though I think the word should have been ‘obsessive’).I have been contemplating the storage problem too. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – I’ve got to fire and glaze and re-fire the beggars, so if I end up with 10 good ones I’ll be very much surprised. Plus the original commissioner will probably receive the best ones.

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