The Seramas like their new owner:

follow my leader

Amelia Egghart, Lena Negg and Henrietta Worm met Wolfgang and Alnitak.  Alnitak hid.  Wolfgang tried chicken-herding but was soon put in his place.

follow the pigs

Lena was put in the sin bin for uncalled-for-pecking, and roamed the sidelines peeping pathetically to her team.

sin bin

I still made the final score chickens 5, piggies 2.

PS the names are not my fault.


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  1. Good names whoever chose them. I had to look up Alnitak (shame on me, but my weak excuse is that I was trying to make a hen connection is theer one?). Not so sure about Henrietta Worm – shouldn’t it be Henrietta Ettaworm?

  2. Yes, Amelia Eggheart is a top-of-the-pecking-order name. Sorry.
    I love the first picture. Our chickens do that as well. And the faster you walk, the faster they follow – to the point that wings are utilised if they think you’re getting away from them. Bless.

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