Eight labels




The red one should fire to black, and the black one to red.  The grey one is meant to turn green, and the cream/buff ones might variously change into blue, lavenders and grey.

There are doubts about this:  I’ve never tried any of these before.  What’s more, since I only have old kitchen scales for the ingredients*, the oxide components for a test batch are unmeasurably small.  4 grams, possibly, but half a gram?  One tenth of a gram?  You’re kidding, right?  I am still back in the realm of smidgens and pugils.

And I hope I got my labels right.

*£60 for scales which weigh in 0.1g increments, that’s why.


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  1. I suppose you could forsake scientific precision in favour of creative abandon, and measure in dollops, pinches and smidgens? I think there are 10 smidgens to a pinch and 100 pinches to a dollop (=kilosmidgen) so that should help. A pinch, as you know, is defined by the amount of powder grasped between the tips of a standard Napoleon finger and thumb, so you would need to calibrate accordingly for your own finger and thumb.

    • Creative abandon probably works best for you people who actually know what they are doing! But tonight’s experiments were certainly in a strange hinterland between metric and the slurp/dash/smidgen scale. It’s a good way to make me start glazing again – I am too mean to fire up the kiln for eight test tiles so will have to do some sensible stuff to fill it up.

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