Calibrating the saucers


I had a gift:  a sugar thermometer.  So I tried it out, in duty to the giver.  (Click for the gallery.)


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  1. I’ve found the wrinkly saucer test is pretty reliable. I have two saucers on the go – one in the state of being dribbled on while the other’s cooling on the back step, the two being re-dribbled and cooled in sequence until flakiness appears. But if it’s raining and the wind’s in the south then I can’t keep the back door open, and that always adds an extra frisson of uncertainty.
    I’ve never made strawberry, though. Yours looks tasty

    • Agree – I have always found saucers the best too.
      I don’t often make strawberry because it is expensive to buy the fruit (pick your own seems a thing of the past around here) but it is also expensive to buy the kind of jam which is stuffed with whole fruits. Planning a roulade with knobbly jam, spiked with fresh strawberries and raspberries, and a wodge of creme fraiche running down the middle 🙂

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