Consolations for laundry


There was a lot of washing.



On the way home I pass this attractive pool on the canal system.  I always mean to take a closer look on one of my visits.  I meant to again today.

Star Trekkin'

Once back, I dug out this old tape.  Watching reminded me how dreadful the programmes were (sorry fans), though The Trouble with Tribbles is a superlatively silly episode.  I was momentarily confused by an unusual stereo effect, when, from the back of the room, our guinea-pigs started to answer the tribbles with authentic tribble trills.


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  1. One of our favourite pit-stops. The Canal Trust now have a swish new purpose-built cafe, leagues away from the old portacabin, but the staff are as delightful & friendly as ever. A paddle down the canal will be one of the next blog-posts.

    • Thought you would recognise it! Sounds good – I must bump it up the list of stop-and-investigate-when-I-have-time. Looking forward to the paddling post 🙂

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