Needing that curious fluid, beef tea …

1 beef

Watching Amour, not for the fainthearted, left me somewhat tense …

2 Amour

So the only appropriate thing to relax with seemed to be lightning:

3 Electric

– the science is dated, but the Equinox team were at the top of their game.

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  1. I’m curious. When you say beef tea do you mean Bovril or Oxo, or a beverage of that nature, or have you concocted something more traditional from your actual bits of beef?

    • Nope, real beef tea. I posted about it once before and the recipe is in the comments
      One advantage is that if you have a slow cooker this represents the easiest thing you could possibly do – cover meat with water, turn on, go to sleep, come back later … very useful when Not a Well Gel. I suspect it works because it must be full of electrolytes, and because there’s no actual food requiring digestion it just slides in through even the most unfunctional guts and acts as a rehydration fluid. And there is no fat or acidity to it to put a very sick person off.

      The disadvantage of course is the cost!

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