The Cat in the Hat Comes Back


Listening as I worked, I reflected that it confirmed the unwisdom of official biographies and autobiographies:  maugre the hype, this sounded both dull and sanitised.  Granted, it was brutally abbreviated for the audiobook, but wouldn’t the abridgers make sure the juicy bits were kept in?

2 lese majeste

Removing paint from the brushes, tray, pots, rollers, apron, hands and hair took nearly as long as doing the walls, but I binned the big roller sleeve with a delicious sense of naughtiness at not re-using it.

1 wash up


3 morningThe paint, however, shows extraordinary 4 not morningchamaeleonic powers, changing radically between morning, afternoon, cloudy, sunny, and artificial lighting conditions.  At the moment I like only three of them.





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