Long corridors weary the feet, though mercifully I missed rush hour.  The light is dead.


The ageless frowst of the Underground huffs out of the tunnel ahead of the train’s arrival.  What makes up the smell, so entirely characteristic and indescribable?

Tube 3

Main line trains are tidier, but being filed into the slots makes me claustrophobic.  And people cough on your neck.


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  1. Ah, the smell of the Underground. You are correct, Mrs Potter, it is indescribable. As an infrequent though enthusiastic visitor to the capital, I would attempt to describe it as the true smell of London. But that is surely inadequate.
    And thank you for introducing me to the word frowst.

    • A curious thing about the smell of the Underground is that it doesn’t seem to change – when I descend those escalators, it takes me straight back to my first visit aged nine or so. You would think that with so many changes it would have been reformulated. (Like Plasticine – part of childhood died when the manufacturers took the smell out of that.)
      🙂 Always happy to pass on and receive new words 🙂

  2. Oh yes…. those were the days LOL I remember them well… trying to get to King’s Cross on a Saturday night before the last train left for Bedford LOL (And then being stuck on said last train for over an hour because it stopped at every… single… station… literally every two minutes… at least until you got past London….)

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