Painted …


… for hours and hours.


The latest purchase from the audio book bargain shelf kept me company.  I’d not read any Brookmyre before, so it took me a little time to get into this, especially with multiple narrators’ voices to keep sorted (and only one reader’s voice to go on), plus some unpredicted twists in the tale.  During delicate moments when trying to keep a tidy edge, I did tend to lose the plot (lit. and fig.) and then had to reassemble backwards while also trying to listen forwards, but I think I caught up by the end.  It was enjoyable, though I didn’t catch myself having any of those paint-drying-on-the-brush-because-you-don’t-want-to-miss-a-word moments.

Lots more painting to do so I’ll be working through my collection and then probably still have time to come back for a second listen to this.  (Sigh.)

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