Things to do when you can’t sleep: xlii


xlii  :  Curse the equipment

The 5″ scope is wildly out of collimation, the collimator is broken, and the power tank won’t recharge.  All of these things are MY FAULT but I don’t recommend that anyone else tells me so.

So Saturn was fuzzed (though I could see Titan) and Mars just an orange blob.  They won’t be at their closest until May and April respectively, so there’s time to sort out the problems if I get on with it.  Meantime the 5″ is better used to navigate constellations.  Cygnus and Lyra were well placed and I pottered about reminding myself of the vicinity, and Altair shone low down to give me my first view of the Summer Triangle this year.

Venus was a ravishing naked eye object through the trees, daylight following her slowly up the sky.  As the light grew it became perversely colder, and the dew turned to ice.


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