Beating a bound …


to see how much of this county is left.

The drainpipes have all come down:

1 pipes

and the loose scree material has been scrubbed away from the sandstone columns:

2 sandstone

But the incoming tide was racing up the beach and I took to the cliffs instead.

A bite has been taken out of the path – mine among the first of many feet tramping down the brambles to make a new one:

3 path

Further on, the path had gone, the fence had gone and the field is going.

4 no cows

Not long ago this was a grassy slope which we walked over:

5 slop

A landmark has washed away in the storm;  without its human artefact, the point looks curiously pointless.

6 nothing

Clouds came rushing from the west, towing their shadows along the bay.


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  1. On the other hand, they told us in Lyme last year that the aftermath of storms is brilliant for fossil hunting. Some telling photos, the sandstone columns a remarkable sight,

    • I’m sure that is right, though we aren’t quite as fossiliferous as Lyme – a few significant skeletons have emerged from the cliffs from time to time, and I’m sure the local palaeontologists will be out prospecting.

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