Two bridges


A long road trip yesterday for the wrong reasons, on a dark, dank, foggy winter day.  Two bridges admitted a little light.

One for the morning:  drinking tea above the weir, watching a small tourist craft execute a cautious three-point turn.



One for the afternoon:  the towers of the new Severn crossing rose small and ghostly in the mist, then suddenly unfolded their geometrical grandeur.


30 seconds



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  1. Funny, in the last couple of weeks I’ve separately done both the long drive for the wrong reasons and that bridge (for the right reasons). I hope the wrong reasons were as good as they could have been.

    • Thank you and likewise hope yours was not unduly grim – we all have some tough journeys to make from time to time, of course. I believe it was George MacDonald who said ‘Some things must be neither more nor less than done’. So it’s fine so long as we did them.

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