Improbably singing with Maddy


The evening began under a cloud, but improved thanks to J. Sainsbury.

Steeleye Span offered some of the greats of their back catalogue and a number of their new Wintersmith songs – I particularly liked the Dark Morris.  Their energy vibrated seats and cleared sinuses.  We found ourselves singing along with Maddy Prior (though she probably hasn’t chalked up this event in her diary).


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  1. Saw Steeleye Span at an open-air concert in the improbable location of Blackpool FC’s football ground circa 1976. Maddy Prior rode across the field to the stage on a white horse. Then she danced through the crowd to the Mooncoin Jig. I was really impressed. And she’s still going strong.

    • Golly! I was too poor/preoccupied at the time to go to any of those big events. I wonder if they mind that they are playing provincial theatres instead of football stadia? But then we’re all Getting On, so perhaps Maddy wouldn’t fancy that white horse thing so much now.

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