Small highlights


Tonight’s was contained in the final episode of Radio 4 Book of the Week:  The letters of John F. Kennedy.

One of the letters read in the programme was from J. K. Galbraith to Kennedy, demolishing a draft pamphlet meant to advise the American population how to protect themselves from nuclear fallout in the event of war.  The combination of wit and chilling realism made it a small masterpiece.  I particularly enjoyed his ironic contention that the advice would help save Republicans, while abandoning the Democrats (who voted for Kennedy) to their deaths.

Still on BBC iPlayer, but only for a couple more days.


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  1. Agreed. I happened on that doing the washing up. Chilling yet cheering too. First I’d heard JFK had serious health problems as well.

    • Well – I suppose it is the same with all heroes, it takes a while to debunk them, and then, if there was really anything great about them, eventually they will be heroes again. Interesting to compare Churchill, who has been dead about the same length time, and his stock seems to be rising again.

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