A good collection, especially since it came from the bargain bin.  And in the classic SF form:   short stories beginning with ‘what if’ and ending with a twist.

time travel

Twember by Steve Rasnic Tem comes near the end of the collection and posits a world where temporal storms or faults disrupt the simple flow of time.  As I read, I became aware of a curious internal resonance, finally tracing it back to the descriptions of landscape:

“… there were … almost no leaves on the trees, and no indications that there ever had been, and a gray-white sky had developed over the past few weeks, an immense amorphous shroud … as if the entire world had gone into storage.”

It is the landscape of 2012, that dismal year without a summer.  I find myself entertaining a fantasy that a time escarpment passed through, and that, like the story protagonists, I am no longer the woman I was.

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