Made some holes in my scope


A capable neighbour with a full suite of drill bits made  holes in my ten-inch.  A red dot finder now sits securely next to the finder scope.


Last night was the first chance to get everything aligned, and mercifully it was still warm enough to go out in a dressing gown.  By the time I had jiggled the finders, a waning gibbous moon was just rising.  I’ve observed the moon more in first quarter (waxing) phase than in its waning phase, so it looked odd and unfamiliar, and I was bending uncomfortably low to the eyepiece.  The image was swimmy but good, and I scanned the terminator through Serenitatis and Tranquillitatis, crater Vitruvius and its associated highlands catching my eye.

Then I put in my favourite 7mm eyepiece and let myself fall through it to the moon.

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