Fourteen mosquitoes


It was a good science talk:  a diagram labelled in Japanese to remind us that measuring particles doesn’t mean we understand them; the Archbishop of Canterbury imported as a ranging pole into a photo of part of the Large Hadron Collider; the formerly unimagined usefulness in particle collisions of fourteen mosquitoes if only they could be trained to fly in exact formation; the spark chamber brought on purpose to show us the rain of muons under which we were sitting.

tried to keep up.

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    • I think they were being trained to joust with subatomic particles, so probably wouldn’t pose much of a threat. Unless they were to escape and apply their new science to warfare (oh dear, now I do feel worried, there are too many precedents).

  1. I must tell you sometime about my two very pleasant encounters with the Archbishop of Canterbury – not in the large Hadron Collider, unfortunately, though I’m sure he would be amused and enthralled by the spectacle.
    Cheers, Alen

      • Justin Welby. He guest-edited our paper twice – last year when he was Bishop of Durham and either just before or just after Christmas when he was Archbishop of Canterbury Elect. What an absolutely splendid, astute, friendly and inspiring fellow he is. I was thrilled to bits when he landed the top job. He promised to return a third time, because he launched a campaign to boost youth employment and apprenticeships on his first visit, and intends to follow it up.
        I name-drop all the time now, like I have just done here. Yes, the Archbishop of Canterbury – good friend of mine.
        All the best, Alen

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