Not for observing


Last night was not a good one for observing:  long summer twilight, thick atmosphere, and waxing gibbous moon, so forget trying to find anything subtle.  But it was WARM and only clothing required was sandals, jeans, t-shirt and insect-repellent.

The moon began the evening white in a blue sky, became dazzling silver in a dark sky, and ended as hot apricot as it sank through a strange reddish haze (though the sun was long gone).  Even in the 5-inch it always looks good.

Here is the best snapshot.  This time Sinus Iridium and Plato were in the sharper part of the eyepiece image, and the intensely cratered southern highlands were in the fuzzy part. This was a pity, as the arc of diminishing craters within Clavius has the satisfying quality of a row of Russian dolls.  I have turned the photo ‘right way up’ and now it looks most peculiar to my own eyes (reflector telescopes flip everything top to bottom).

(click for a larger image)

(click for a larger image)


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