How to have heatstroke in three easy lessons


1. Cut the grass on one of the hottest days of the year.  Sloppily done, and just plain stupid.


2.  Make jam on one of the hottest days of the year.  Open every door and window in the house, seeking a through draft which isn’t there.


3.  Make a long-haired guinea pig look peculiar by delivering a life-saving haircut on one of the hottest days of the year.  Holding on to a complaining wriggling pig (while not removing body parts with the scissors) transfers its heat stroke to oneself.


It is about two years since I was really hot; so it has a certain novelty value, I suppose …


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  1. Sounds like your heatstroke technique is flawless! Congratulations. And sympathy. (Over here, we’re waiting for the routine afternoon thunderstorm, which probably won’t cool things off at all. What good is a thunderstorm if it’s just as hot afterwards as it was before?)

    At least it looks like good jam!

  2. A few months ago I went into a hothouse and was amazed at how hot it was. Our winter this year was so long I’d forgotten what it was to be not cold. Incredible. No wonder you’ve lost the plot when the seasons clearly have.

    • The garden doesn’t know which end is up either – except the bindweed, of course. Everything else was a month late and now it’s all going over instantly 😦

  3. I am hot, too, to my bones. And am reveling in it…such novelty factor. The temperature in my bedroom was 22 C last night and I couldn’t sleep because of the ‘heat’.

    Is that apricot jam? Looks delicious!

    • Exciting to actually want to wear a sundress, isn’t it? Thank you and yes – apricot – have to make it when the apricots are local and at a reasonable price, which has such a short season. Worth doing though to get a jam with great big chunks in it.

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