Here comes the sun


… and it was so hot that I stayed in 🙂

As evening drew on I arrived at the beach, where families were removing their gritty children for baths and suppers.  I splattered along the water’s edge, with no watch, no shoes, and no concern for a wet hem in the still-hot sunshine.

Gaggles of miscellaneous gulls were scavenging and flew off complaining as I approached.  Luckily they don’t seem to have read Daphne du Maurier.

Someone was having a good view from above.  Someone below had been making art.

The landslides were basking in the sunlight.  Occasionally a small trickle of scree reminded me:  they are just biding their time.

(Click for the gallery)

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  1. I like the stone art. And the colours in the rock strata (or is it softer than rock) are natural art. That’s a very colourful section of coastline.

  2. You have some great photos there 🙂 I spoke with my Mum on Skype and she said it was hot… hot being a relative term LOL They’re in Luton and apparently is 25C there… which is about my overnight low LOL

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