Knots in the hair


After running an errand, I took an unplanned walk on a sliver of coast I had previously missed visiting.  The day was bright, but a strong breeze was blowing and whipped my hair into chaotic knots.  This, plus the fact that I was wearing garden shoes, a dress blobbed with clay, and a cardigan chosen entirely at random, earned me odd looks from a couple of passers-by.  My late Australian grandfather would have said that I ‘looked like a refo’.

Inaccurate (and rude) as this might have been about the middle-Europeans who fled their countries to find a new life in Australia after the war, there was definitely an element of escape to my expedition:  nobody needed anything, nobody required my presence, I was wearing no watch and had no companion.  So I embraced my inner refo, shambled through the shingle in my unsuitable footwear, slovened along holding my cardi round me against the wind, and had all the time I wanted.

I took a lot of photographs. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin:           (click into a thumbnail for the gallery)


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  1. I almost feel I was there walking with you. What a beautiful area of the world..And it’s nice to see a tern in action – we have mainly Gulls here in Hastings

    • Thank you! I’ve never been able to watch from such proximity – it was fascinating. The terns made the gulls look like lumbering beasts indeed – though the martins could beat anything with their amazing manoeuvres.

    • Thank you and I expect you are right – I rather wondered if it was bits from two or three somethings, it seems so chaotic (and what do I know about machinery innards).

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